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Wouldn’t it be great to never worry about marketing again? To have your products and services automatically marketed to the right people, with the right voice at the right time, so that you can focus on your core business and making sales?

With Marketer, this vision is finally a reality. By harnessing the newest technology, Marketer can take care of all your marketing needs - without requiring either time or marketing knowledge, and for a price that you can afford.

Forget expensive and pompous marketing agencies. Forget arrogant "marketing experts", and time consuming "do-it-yourself" marketing software. Get Marketer today.

Get the best possible marketing results with DLS - Personalised marketing

Todays consumer is more demanding than ever before, and in order to successfully market your products and services, it is no longer sufficient to run generic "fits-all" marketing campaigns.

In order to gain the consumers trust and attention, you need to reach out to many different target groups, and to personalise the marketing message to each one of them. Large brands have done this for years, but for small and medium sized businesses, this approach has been too expensive and/or time consuming to follow. Until now.

With Marketers proprietary DLS technology, different personalities are met with tailored advertising, landing pages, chat and e-mail, marketing your product or service in the most optimal way. When creating the marketing campaign, DLS takes into account factors like area, price, location, buyer type, audience, season, time of day, trends, interests, purchase history, and much more. And best of all - DLS is delivered at a price that the common man can afford.

  • Younger
  • Foodies
  • Parents
  • Interested in movies
  • Commuters
  • Older
  • Interested in art
  • First-time parents
  • Investors
  • Outdoorsy

Easily keep track of results in real time, while Marketer does its magic

Most businesses are accustomed to being left totally in the dark by their marketing partner, receiving incomprehensible marketing reports, often once every two weeks, talking about "reach", "CPC" and "CTR".

With Marketer - this ends. Running a Marketer Campaign is an experience - something to enjoy. Marketer keeps you informed, in real time, through state-of-the art mobile apps and email reports, in a way that you can understand. We don’t talk about "CTR" an other obscure metrics you have no idea about - we talk about what matters: Sales, Leads and Signups - whatever the goal of your Marketer Campaign is.

Marketer delivers industry tailored solutions

Needs are different, and we tailor our solutions to cater to all needs. Get the best marketing solution available for your industry.

  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Car Dealerships*
  • E-commerce*

*currently in closed beta

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